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Wednesday 7th February 2007 - Libby Purves backs online licensing petition


Writer and broadcaster Libby Purves yesterday backed the online licensing/live music petition in her Times column (Tue 06 Feb 2007):

Don't let the rather trite headline put you off ('Folkies unite - Two in a bar needs saving' etc).  Ms Purves puts the boot in, describing the new entertainment licensing regime as 'positively Cromwellian'.

One reason perhaps why the signature tally has risen by several hundred since she wrote that piece. Over 8,500 people have now signed, and the total rises steadily:

STOP PRESS The Times today (Wed 07 Feb 2007) invites public debate on the 'two in a bar rule' via Or post a reply to Libby Purves' article under 'Have your say' at the end.

Hamish Birchall