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Monday 17th December 2007 - Decrease in live music says latest DCMS live music research

The latest live music research, published today by DCMS, has found a decrease in live music provision in venues where live music is not the main business.

Prior to its introduction, ministers repeatedly claimed that the Licensing Act would be 'much better' for live music (James Purnell, now Secretary of State at DCMS), and would 'lead to an explosion in live music' (Lord McIntosh).

See: 'A Survey of Live Music in England and Wales 2007' (PDF file):

The report states that the Licensing Act is not a major factor in venues' decisions not to host live music ('Impact of Licensing Act', p10). But since 57% of interviewees were found to know little or nothing about the legislation, it is hard to see how this can be reliable conclusion (6.3 'Knowlege of the Act', p47).


Hamish Birchall