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Friday 25th January 2008 - Minister's low key Q&A

Yesterday's entertainment licensing and live music Q&A session at Olympia with licensing minister Gerry Sutcliffe and Feargal Sharkey was less well attended than it might have been, according to reliable sources.

This may have been due, in part, to the event having been moved from the afternoon to the morning at late notice to allow the minister to attend the Commons vote on MPs pay.

It may also be due to the curious lack of pre-publicity by DCMS. There was no press release, and n either of the shadow culture ministers were notified in advance, as they should have been, about the minister's public engagement. This despite the fact that DCMS had apparently arranged the minister's Olympia appearance about two months ago.

But what was said? Not much it seems. The minister did not give a date for the public consultation on a new exemption for 'low risk live music events'.

This morning I asked DCMS whether they will be issuing any press release quoting the minister. No reply so far.


Hamish Birchall