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Monday 16th June 2008 - Nigel Kennedy to busk against 42 days detention without trial?

Andrew Marr Show, Sunday 15 June 2008. Guests: Foreign Secretary David Miliband, Evening Standard columnist Anne McElvoy, violinist Nigel Kennedy, and former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis. Mr Davis resigned from Parliament on 12 June on the basis of his opposition to 42 detention without trial for terrorism suspects, and the erosion of civil liberties under this government. He is to fight a bye-election on these issues in his constituency of Haltem Price and Howden.

Note Miliband's admission that he is tone deaf. He is married to LSO violinist Louise Shackleton.

53 minutes 44 seconds into the programme:

Marr: ... Now, er, David Miliband's still here, Anne McElvoy, David Davis and Nigel Kennedy. A galere of people.  Erm, I noticed, er Nigel, as you say, you were giving a bit of a thumbs up [to David Davies], any chance of you going up to support, err, a bit of busking on the streets of Hull?

Davis [jocular]: Don't answer that, don't answer, don't answer, don't get into...

Kennedy: Well, 'no comment' could be one, but we have been talking about an idea of playing some music to, 'cos music can bring people together a little bit on this issue of being stuck in a Paddington cell for six weeks when you've done nothing wrong, you know.

Marr to Miliband: Well, without going into the politics of it, I know that not that long ago you didn't know much about classical music I think it's fair to say.

Miliband: I continue to be tone deaf basically, but I can appreciate a couple of hours of one Nigel's concerts or others because no mobile phones, no interruptions, er, you can really, er, focus on what matters.   type 'Andrew Marr' into the programme finder field.  Use the time slider at the base of the screen to move to the desired section.

Hamish Birchall