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Wednesday 3rd December 2008 - Call for folk musicians to meet Culture Secretary Andy Burnham

According to First Monday Music Industry Networking, UK Music is looking for musicians and 'music creators', particularly from the folk community, to participate in 'The Creators Conference', Thursday 11 December at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Nash & Brandon Rooms, London, 9am-1pm, and to meet Culture Secretary Andy Burnham and European Union Commissioner Charlie McCreevy.

ICA contact details:

Places are limited (80) so if you are interested act fast and contact Sybil Bell of First Monday Music Industry Networking, email: Phone: 07941 800 696.

The agenda focuses on, but is not limited to, copyright issues. For example:

'Untapped Digital Income ? the impact on artists careers of p2p file-sharing, upload sites, MP3 blogs and hard drive swapping.
'Giving away music for free ? can playing live and selling T-shirts really compensate?
'The protection of copyrights ? how can decisions by EU and UK politicians affect artists music and future royalties?
'The prospects for emerging artists and composers ? the online opportunities for established artists are significant but is the digital world equally servicing emerging acts?'

I understand that no reporting press will be allowed in the event itself.



Hamish Birchall