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Wednesday 21st January 2009 - False alarm noise limiter petition No.1 with 70000 signatures

The noise limiter petition is number 1 on the PM petition website with over 70,000 signatures:

This despite the petitioner himself admitting that with hindsight it was a false alarm:

The petition has more than double the number of signatures than the petition calling on the PM to impose an arms embargo on Israel following its Gaza offensive. Once again, public concern about the regulation of live music proves to be greater than the either the government or the media appreciate.

The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) confirmed last week that the government had no plans for new noise limiter legislation, and that the petition was unfounded. It would seem that rumours in early 2008 about the end of a 2-year moratorium of enforcement of Noise at Work regulations at entertainment venues were the petitioner's starting point. But even under that legislation noise limiters cannot be forced on a venue.

The petition against the genuinely controversial Met police gig risk-assessment Form 696 is at number 10 with about 13,500 signatures:


Hamish Birchall