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Friday 18th November 2005 - Another Gig Bites The Dust

The following letter appeared in today's Daily Telegraph

Pub pleasure banned

Sir - The 24-hour Licensing Act will bring to an end another of our innocent freedoms. I do not attend the live music entertainment by talented musicians once a week in the evening at our pub, but many local Suffolk people do.

This autocratic government has put a stop to this enjoyable pastime. A notice in the pub states:

"This will be the last music night for the foreseeable future. The main problems are: doors and windows must be kept closed; there is to be a limit to the number of people in the pub; and counting people in and out is too onerous. As a customer would you be happy waiting outside because the number limit had been reached? We are sorry this situation has arisen with this new Act, but we must operate within the new conditions."

Many of our Suffolk country pubs have provided this entertainment by local musicians for many years. It is more than sad that it now has to end.

David Brook, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Hamish Birchall