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Monday 7th September 2009 - More Licensing Act casualties

This from Peter Cripps, chairman of Glosfolk, an organisation which promotes the appreciation of, and participation in, folk song, music, dance and drama in Gloucestershire, Sunday 6th September 2009:


The Sunday afternoon performances in Gloucester Docks, to which many of you have contributed, and which have had excellent feedback from the public and the organisers, were to have been extended with at least one extra Sunday (13th September). However, Gloucester City Council (who own the land on which the performances take place!) would not give a Temporay Event Notice for the extra day, so all the arrangements have been cancelled.

In a non-folk related event, a free brass band concert in Cirencester was recently cancelled because of the Act. Cirencester Band was engaged to play
on the bandstand in Abbey Park on Sunday 30th August by Cirencester Town Council, who owned the Bandstand. When Cotswold District Council, the Licensing Authority, found about the free concert, it had to be cancelled, as they would not grant a Temporary Event Notice in the timescale. Band concerts had been taking place all summer without any licences as the Town Council (correctly in my view) thought they did not need one as it was a
non-commercial activity.

If anyone doubted the evil effects of the Licensing Act, or that sooner or later it would start to be enforced in Gloucestershire..................!
Working to keep traditional music alive and kicking in the county


Hamish Birchall