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Tuesday 20th April 2010 - LGA - In Tune - In Touch

The often perverse and contradictory attitude to live music within local authorities is beautifully illustrated - literally - by the Local Government Association 2008 accounts:

Entitled 'In Tune - In Touch', the document features handsome photographs of musical instruments, particularly drums and brass - a design concept clearly intended to convey a message of harmony and co-ordination.

But only last week we learned that LACORS, the regulatory arm of the Local Government Association, wants to criminalise the provision of brass instruments, drums and bagpipes unless licensed: [click on response link]

And the LGA Group, which includes LACORS, publicly opposes the government's suggested entertainment licensing exemption for small gigs: [click on response link]

Meanwhile the LGA has drastically restricted public access to its website:

The organisation, almost entirely funded by public money, lobbies central government on behalf of local authorities. It is apparently exempt from Freedom of Information legislation.


Hamish Birchall