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Wednesday 7th July 2010 - Revamped live music bill launched today

A revamped Live Music Bill by Lib Dem peer Lord Clement-Jones will get a first reading this afternoon in the House of Lords.

Among other things, the new Bill proposes:

An entertainment licence exemption for performances of live music in bars between 8am and midnight to audiences of up to 200, rather than in premises of up to 200 capacity - but subject to review if there are problems;

A similar exemption in places not already licensed under the Act, but which qualify as a workplace under health and safety legislation, including cafes, schools and hospitals;

An exemption for solely unamplified live music between 8am and midnight, without restriction on the number of performers, subject to review in places already licensed under the Act, such as bars and pubs.

The removal of the requirement to licence entertainment facilities.

Full details, including copies of the Bill, should be available tomorrow on the UK Parliament website:


Hamish Birchall