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Tuesday 17th January 2006 - Times online debates: live music could overtake religion

In just four days The Times online licensing/live music debate has risen to number 2 in the list of 6 debate topics with 21 responses published so far (see list below). 

Only religion is ahead with 47 responses to the debate on whether 'intelligent design should be kept out of the classroom'. But this had a 22-day head start!

Please keep the live music responses coming:,,564-1981930,00.html

The only alcohol-related question (What cures your hangover?) has no responses. Significantly, while other topics (with the above exception) attract a variety of views, the licensing/live music responses are all opposed to the new legislation.

Times online debate topics in displayed response order at 9am, Tue 17 Jan 2006, date first published [and response score in square brackets]:

Should intelligent design be kept out of the classroom? 23 Dec 2005 [47 ]

Is the Licensing Act killing live music? 13 Jan 2006 [21]

What was the greatest year for music? 04 Jan 2005 [11]

Is Arsene Wenger a fading force? 27 Dec 2005 [10]

What do you love - and hate - about Christmas? 23 Dec 2005 [9]

What cures your hangover? 22 Dec 2005 [0

Hamish Birchall