The Live Music Forum

Friday 27th January 2006 - Feargal Sharkey - rehearsal space - licensing

Feargal Sharkey, chair of the Live Music Forum, is calling on every local authority to donate rehearsal space for musicians. See DCMS press release yesterday (26 Jan 06):

In the press release, DCMS describes the LMF thus: 'As well as working with partners across the live music world to ensure they make the most of the opportunities offered by the Licensing Act 2003, the Forum is also looking at a range of ways to promote live music and foster grass roots talent.'


Rehearsal spaces will be licensable if they are used for public performance, or for private performance if profit is the intention, or indeed for a private performance put on to raise money for charity. Most private gigs used to be exempt.

Some lawyers argue that the Act even catches private music-making for your own amusement, if the performers are charged with a view to profit.

The maximum penalty for providing an unlicensed performance, where a licence is required is a £20,000 fine and six months in jail.

Hamish Birchall