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Thursday 2nd March 2006 - Two more gigs lost

I have checked both these venues. Both said the new law was the problem.

1. Flying Goose Cafe, 33 Chilwell Road, Beeston, Notts NG9 1EH

This has been described as one of Nottinghamshire's smallest arts venues, with a friendly laid-back atmosphere and fantastic music.

Manager Hilary Mason confirmed today that she has stopped the gigs because getting the new licence would have been too expensive. It is a very small venue, and she made no profit from the live music.

This lead came from a thread on Mudcat licensing discussion forum: S ubject: RE: Affected by The Licensing Act 2003
From: Dick The Box - PM
Date: 01 Mar 06 - 10:11 AM

I visited the Flying Goose Cafe in Beeston, Nottingham yesterday. Apparently they used to have occasional evening openings with live acoustic music from local bands. This no longer happens because the hassle and cost of obtaining a music license is not worthwhile. Another small informal venue bites the dust. Multiply this up across the country and the damage is incalculable..... Link to the Mudcat thread:

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2. Pimlico Wine Vaults, 19-22 Upper Tachbrook Street, London SW1V 1SH

One musician emailed me today: 'I've just heard that the Pimlico Wine Vaults (which has been putting on bands on Sunday lunchtimes) has had to stop due to some licensing 

I confirmed this, but the venue manager did not want to say more.

Hamish Birchall