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Monday 6th March 2006 - Pimlico Wine Vaults

Gigs at Pimlico Wine Vaults may resume at a reduced level from 19 March.

It became clear that the venue had no authorisation for public performances of live music after Westminster City Council investigated a noise complaint. However, the venue has since made applications for Temporary Event Notices (TENs).

Only 12 of these are allowed per premises per year (total cost £252). I do not know whether the venue intends to make a 'variation' application that would allow for more live performances.

The fee for a variation application is linked to non domestic rateable value (see DCMS guidelines: ). If this venue is in one of the two upper bands the fee for such an application would be either £450 or £635. The venue would also have to pay for 28 days of public advertisement.

If this leads to objections from local residents a public hearing may be required. Legal representation may be deemed necessary. And finally licence conditions may be imposed by the local authority: fitting of noise limiters, double glazing, and so on.

Hamish Birchall