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Monday 6th March 2006 - Licensing: Blair compared to Taliban

From yesterday's Observer letters (Sun 05 March 06): 'I admire Armando Iannucci's vicious satires, but I thought it excessive to give him two columns last week. The more absurd and bleakly comical was the one where he wrote as the Prime Minister.

'It is true that Blair has helped to protect more than 30,000 Iraqis from further earthly cares, but for me, the defining moment of his reign came nearer home in November 2005 when he made it illegal to sing a traditional (or jazz or classical) song in public without state permission on pain of a £20,000 fine or six months in jail. In this respect, he has protected our liberty in much the same way as the Taliban has.'
Lawrence Long
Crawley Down
West Sussex


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Hamish Birchall