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Tuesday 18th April 2006 - Feargal Sharkey wants your views on live music

On 24 April Radio 1 is hosting a 'live music debate' at the Glee Club in Birmingham. Feargal Sharkey will be on the panel, and he wants your views on live music. Licensing minister James Purnell will also attend, as will Andy Parfitt, controller of Radio 1:

In a message to potential contributors, Feargal writes:

'The Live Music Forum was set-up by the Government back in 2004 to monitor the impact of the new Licensing laws on live music. We have also been asked to put together some ideas on what the Forum thinks everyone can be doing to help ensure that live music continues to grow, prosper and develop.'

These carefully worded sentences imply a worrying separation of functions. Does he mean the LMF itself keeps the monitoring of the Licensing Act's impact as something entirely separate from putting ideas together to help ensure that live music prospers?

Well, whatever he means, in conclusion he throws out this challenge:

'...if you've got an idea, no matter how big, small or outrageous, but one that you think might make it easier for you to get a gig or go see a gig that's I want to hear about.'

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