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Monday 12th June 2006 - Guardian reports big screen football riots

Live music, criminality and the entertainment licence exemption for broadcast entertainment: '...

A mass brawl involving around 200 people broke out at Canary Wharf in London where up to 6,000 people were watching an outdoor screening of England's 1-0 defeat of Paraguay. At about the same time, trouble broke out in front of a big screen in Liverpool city centre with fans hurling missiles.' ['In Germany, England fans enjoy the party. At home, there's a mass brawl', Andrew Culf, The Guardian, p9, Monday 12 June 2006]

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'Live music always acts as a magnet in whatever community it is being played. It brings people from outside that community and having no connection locally
behave in a way that is inappropriate, criminal and disorderly'. [Letter from Association of Chief Police Officers' president Chris Fox to Tessa Jowell, 02 July 2003, opposing an entertainment licence exemption for live music in small venues, a position that was supported by the government during Parliamentary debate.]

Hamish Birchall