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Tuesday 11th July 2006 - Licensing: Henley Regatta ball cancelled

The Henley Regatta charity fund-raising ball of 30 June, for which tickets were fetching £800, was cancelled due to licensing problems. See this Daily Telegraph report of 1st July:

Under the old entertainment licensing regime private events that put on live music to help raise money for charity were exempt. This point was not taken up in the article. A recent book by lawyers about the Licensing Act comments on the new requirement to require the licensing of such events:

'Where there is "charitable" provision and members of the public are admitted, this is a licensable activity irrespective of the "profit" issue, but extending it beyond this to encompass private provision seems to take regulatory control too far.'

['Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Law', Cavendish 2005, Colin Manchester - Susanna Poppleston - Jeremy Allen ]

Hamish Birchall