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Tuesday 5th October 2010 - Soundproofing For Residences

Those who have read through the examples on our Venues page (
) will be familiar with cases where a resident who has recently moved to an area has raised a complaint against a live music venue which was already operating. The local authority usually sides in favour of the resident, resulting in restrictions on or cancellation of regular and established gigs.

Apparently this problem is not confined to the UK. Campaigners in Australia have begun calling for changes to building codes that would introduce mandatory sound insulation for all future residential and business developments near existing music venues.

Glen Boorn, owner of the Old Canberra Inn in Lyneham, says legislation should require new residential developments close to existing music venues to have soundproofing. “Noise complaints are an ongoing threat
to the future of live music in Canberra”, Mr Boorn says.

A Legislative Assembly committee is inquiring into live community events in Canberra. The inquiry is looking into the order of occupancy (who was there first), alternatives for advertising gigs and concerts around the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and examining building codes to ensure buildings are soundproofed. Order of occupancy would aim to prevent long-standing live entertainment venues being forced to stop live events because of noise complaints from new developments.

This is certainly something we should be considering here as well.

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