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Friday 20th January 2012 -  Live Music Bill passes Report stage

Today Lord Clement Jones' Live Music Bill passed the Report stage in the House of Commons.

Although the live music lobby's target of 100 plus MPs were present, things looked decidedly risky when the debate on the Daylight Saving Bill, the first Bill on the list, occupied the entire session and at 1-30 pm the Live Music Bill looked doomed, with not enough time to be debated.

However, at the end of the session the names of the Bills that have not been dealt with are read out, and, if nobody shouts "Objection !", then the Bill can proceed.

It is unusual for a Bill to proceed without objection at this stage, but, this was the case with the Live Music Bill which was passed in about two seconds. "Even Chope said Aye!" tweeted Kerry McCarthy (Labour MP for Bristol East) who has been quite vocal in supporting the Live Musc Bill.

This is perhaps the most difficult obstacle the Live Music Bill has had to overcome and it is difficult to see how the Bill can fail to becomem law now.

More celebrations ! I hear UK Music are already throwing a party in the Parliament buildings.

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