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Lords To Consider Repeal of Busking Laws

8th July 2014 - Lord Clement Jones has asked The House of Lords to repeal aspects of the busking laws.

Lords to consider repeal of busking laws by Hamish Birchall


Sports Stadium fights single noise complaint

Although The Live Music Act 2012 has made it easier to put on live music, even established live music venues are in constant danger of being closed down due to what we call the Single Complaint, where a resident moves near to an established live music pub, club or bar and makes a noise complaint. Councils tend to favour the position of residents and will often act to remove or limit the venue's live music provision as a result of the complaint. Sometimes a resident will start a petition and stir up resentment against the venue.

Now Mildenhall (Motor Racing) Stadium in Suffolk has suffered a similar problem and management, RDC Promotions, is taking action to defend their interests and the interests of other entertainment venues through High Court action and an Epetition (see address below).

The Epetition csays, "We call upon Parliament to change the law of ‘coming to a nuisance' to protect established activities with planning permission and local support, and to put on a person arriving into the area full responsibility for accepting that this is part of the character of the area.".

Please sign the petition and pass on the word. You can read RDC's statement on the following webpage,

Mildenhall Stadium fights Single Noise Complaint




The Fight To Keep The Street Live in Camden

Camden Labour councillors are using a court ruling and the new borough-wide busking licence as a vote-winner for local elections in May - by Hamish Birchall

Musician Jonny Walker is the founder and director of the Keep Streets Live Campaign who have recently launched an Indiegogo funding drive to mount a historic legal challenge against Camden Council's draconian measures to control busking across the borough. Read all about it in Jonny's circular by clicking the link below,

The Fight To Keep Street Live in Camden

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