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The Live Music Forum Campaign Circulars

The following list includes links to circulars sent out over a ten year period leading up to the passage of the Live Music Bill into law and following developments.

Thursday 11th July 2019 - Review of Westminster Media Forum on Copyright by Phil Little

Wedenesday 12th November 2014 - Government defends 1839 busker arrest powers by Hamish Birchall

Sunday 27th July 2014 - Minister Ticks Off Police over Busker arrest by Hamish Birchall

Tuesday 8th July - Lords to consider repeal of busking laws by Hamish Birchall

Tuesday 29th April - Mildenhall Stadium fights Single Noise Complaint

Saturday 12th April 2014 - Camden busking licence under fire from Mayor and professional musicians

Saturday 29th March 2014 - New religions don't usually start in a blaze of national publicity

Monday 24th March 2014 - Opposition To Busking Licence Based On Misinformation And Lies

Friday 14th March 2014 - Camden Labour councillors are using a court ruling and the new borough-wide busking licence as a vote-winner for local elections in May

Thursday 16th January 2014 - The Fight To Keep Street Live in Camden

Monday 7th January 2013 - Further De-regulation of Live Music

Wednesday 26th September 2012 - 4 Days To Go

Wednesday 28th March 2012 -  A Handy Guide To The Live Music Act

Wednesday 7th March 2012 - Live Music Bill gets Royal Assent tomorrow

Friday 27th January 2012 - Live music reform in time for Olympics ?

Friday 20th January 2012 -  Live Music Bill passes Report stage

Sunday 22nd January 2012 - Live Music Bill - something weird happened

Monday 16th January 2012 - Wanted! 100 MPs for Live Music Bill

Friday 6th January 2012 - 20th Jan key date for live music bill - MP support vital

Wednesday 14th December 2011 - LGA u-turn as live music bill advances

Friday 25th November 2011 - Live music bill passes 2nd reading in Commons

Thursday 24th November 2011 -  PRS No change to fees for Ticketed Events

Wednesday 23rd November 2011 - Music and dance 'some of most problematic activities' says licensing chief

Friday 18th November 2011 - More council scaremongering over music reforms

Tuesday 25th October 2011 - Oxford hysteria over live music reforms

Monday 12th September 2011 - Pub music licensing NOT to be scrapped after all

Saturday 10th September 2011 - DCMS to scrap entertainment licensing

Friday 15th July 2011 - Stop Press - live music bill passes Committee stage

Wednesday 13th July 2011 - Live music bill moves to next stage

Wednesday 1st June 2011  - Who Stands To Benefit ?

Monday 23rd May 2011 - Government moves to scrap entertainment licensing

Friday 13th May 2011 - Rise to the Red Tape Challenge

Friday 29th April 2011 - March in lockstep for the Royal Wedding

Thursday 24th March 2011 - Culture Secretary hints at removing entertainment from Licensing Act

Friday 18th March 2011 - Information Commissioner blocks publication of DCMS/LGA live music talks

Saturday 5th March 2011 - Government to support live music bill

Thursday 3rd March 2011 - Lord Grade to support live music bill

Wednesday 23rd February 2011 - New Early Day Motion for small gigs exemption

Thursday 10th February 2011 - Live music bill 2nd reading 4th March

Thursday 27th January 2011 - Penrose - wavering or drowning?

Wednesday 12th January 2011 - Celebrate the Royal Wedding - and that's an order

Friday 24th December 2010 - Turner Prize exhibit needs licence says Westminster council

Wednesday 8th December 2010 - The licensable Turner Prize winning installation

Monday 6th December 2010 - Is there any incidental music in Camden?

Friday 3rd December 2010 - Coalition bill tightens grip on Parliament Square demos

Monday 29th November 2010 - PRS Consultation on Ticketed Live Music Events

Thursday 18th November 2010 - Coalition wavering on small gigs exemption ?

Thursday 7th October 2010 - More Live Music Success in Australia

Tuesday 5th October 2010 - Soundproofing For Residences

Wednesday 29th September 2010 - Dark summer harvest of licensing oppression

Wednesday 22nd September 2010 - Live Music Discussed at Lib Dem Conference

Thursday 26th August 2010 - Licensing Act - live music harm revealed

Thursday 29th July 2010 - Licensing reform - implications for live music

Sunday 25th July 2010 - New Parilamentary motion for live music exemption

Tuesday 20th July 2010 - Licensing responsibility changed to Home Office

Thursday 15th July 2010 - Live music petition delivered to Number 10

Wednesday 7th July 2010 - Revamped live music bill launched today

Thursday 1st July 2010 - Experts reject DCMS live music claims

Thursday 20th May 2010 - Small gigs exemption imminent?

Tuesday 18th May 2010 - Licensing In Limbo

Friday 14th May 2010 - DCMS live music report removed from website

Wednesday 12th May 2010 - Jeremy Hunt new DCMS Secretary of State

Wednesday 5th May 2010 - Margaret Hodge repeats misleading live music claims

Wednesday 27th April 2010 - Your chance to question politicians on licensing and live music

Wednesday 27th April 2010 - Council bends licensing rules for Labour's Elvis

Friday 23rd April 2010 - Evidence that DCMS misled small gigs exemption responses

Tuesday 20th April 2010 - LGA - In Tune - In Touch

Monday 19th April 2010 - Prejudiced Against Live Music

Thursday 15th April 2010 - Lib Dem gig exemption manifesto commitment

Thursday 8th April 2010 - Live music exemption is election issue

Wednesday 7th April 2010 - Minister resists 200-capacity gig exemption

Tuesday 6th April 2010 - Brass, drums and bagpipes should be illegal unless licensed suggest council officers

Thursday 1st April 2010 - Sharkey calls on minister to back live music bill

Wednesday 31st March 2010 - LGA response to DCMS reveals live music paranoia

Thursday 18th March 2010 - How not to answer questions

Wednesday 17th March 2010 - Live music bill still live

Friday 12th March 2010 - Last chance for live music bill?

Friday 5th March 2010 - DCMS live music stats - more Parliamentary Questions

Thursday 25th February 2010 - Statistics watchdog investigates minister's live music claims

Tuesday 23rd February 2010 - Live Music Bill will create new opportunities

Thursday 25th February 2010 - Distortion is thriving at DCMS

Monday 22nd February 2010 - St Albans licensing saga continues

Friday 19th February 2010 - More dodgy DCMS music stats

Thursday 11th February 2010 - Live music bill goes to Commons

Friday 5th February 2010 - 46 Minor Variations - approximately

Thursday 4th February 2010 - Live music bill goes to 3rd reading

Wednesday 27th January 2010 - Minor Variations - 3 new live music permissions - 3 new EDMs

Wednesday 20th January 2010 - DCMS entertainment facilities consultation published

Friday 15th January 2010 - LGA misleads Peers over live music bill

Wednesday 6th January 2010 - Flaws in DCMS small gigs exemption proposal

Thursday 31st December 2009 - Gerry Sutcliffe Announces Small Gigs Exemption

Monday 21st December 2009 - Live music bill debate set for 15 January

Monday 14th December 2009 - Sharkey hits back at LGA

Friday 11th December 2009 - Small gigs exemption 'pointless' claims LGA spokesman

Thursday 10th December 2009 - New DCMS consultation - but not on small venue exemption

Thursday 3rd December 2009 - 'Don't strike up the band'

Wednesday 2nd December 2009 - St Albans piano policy contradicts new guidance

Tuesday 1st December 2009 - MU - mixed licensing message

Monday 30th November 2009 - Council drops HMV prosecution

Friday 27th November 2009 - Incidental music - people must be allowed to talk

Wednesday 25th November 2009 - HMV prosecuted for unlicensed singer

Saturday 22nd November 2009 - Live music bill returns to haunt government

Friday 13th November 2009 - Small gigs exemption unlikely before election

Thursday 12th November 2009 - Government answer proves DCMS music claims false

Friday 6th November 2009 - DCMS suggest small gig problems all in the mind

Tuesday 3rd November 2009 - DCMS silent on small gigs exemption - Lib Dems raise questions

Saturday 24th October 2009 - Small gig exemption - 'We want to act very quickly' says minister

Thursday 22nd October 2009 - Government u-turn on small gigs exemption

Wednesday 21st October 2009 - Sharkey to attend Licensing Act demo

Friday 16th October 2009 - Police 'horror' at 200-capacity gig licensing exemption

Thursday 15th October 2009 - Musicians Union 'happy' with new Form 696

Tuesday 13th October 2009 - MU joins licensing demo but shrinks from Number 10 petition

Thursday 1st October 2009 - Pub pianos only 'theoretically innocuous' claims licensing minister

Wednesday 30th September 2009 - Equity demo against Licensing Act

Wednesday 16th September 2009 - Government music launch raises licensing questions

Monday 14th September 2009 - 10,000 signatures for live music exemption petition

Thursday 10th September 2009 - Form 696 changes undermine petition

Wednesday 9th September 2009 - Without entertainment licensing schools might become venues warns DCMS

Tuesday 8th September 2009 - Sharkey slams Met changes to Form 696

Monday 7th September 2009 - More Licensing Act casualties

Friday 4th September 2009 - Resist Form 696

Thursday 3rd September 2009 - St Albans live music conditions - full survey published

Wednesday 2nd September2009 - Government more afraid of the LGA than of Libya

Friday 28th August 2009 - Conservatives back small gigs exemptions

Friday 21st August 2009 - St Albans may breach licence condition guidelines

Thursday 20th August 2009 - Pubs want live music restrictions claims licensing chief

Wednesday 19th August 2009 - Petition reaches 6000 - desperation at DCMS

Friday 14th August 2009 - DCMS and LGA misuse live music stats

Thursday 13th August 2009 - LGA defiant despite live music stats blunder

Monday 10th August 2009 - Sharkey backs pub gigs campaign

Friday 7th August 2009 - DCMS press office 'misinformation'

Thursday 6th August 2009 - LGA live music error key to policy

Wednesday 5th August 2009 - LGA forced to apologise over live music claims

Monday 3rd August 2009 - LGA inflates live music stats

Friday 31st July 2009 - Live music petition - 1000 signatures in 5 days

Tuesday 21st July 2009 - 'Where are the guitar riots and accordion assaults?'

Monday 20th July 2009 - A chance to influence the licensing debate

Friday 15th July 2009 - Live music bill published

Thursday 14th July 2009 - The Government Rejects Itself

Thursday 14th July 2009 - DCMS stand up to Sharkey

Wednesday 15th July 2009 - Sharkey backs Lib Dem live music bill

Wednesday 15th July 2009 - Music and Madness

Monday 13th July 2009 - An unlicensed piano could land you in prison

Thursday 9th July 2009 - Musicians in thrall to caterers

Friday 3rd July 2009 - Busking in St Albans

Tuesday 16th June 2009 - Lib Dems announce live music Bill

Friday 5th June 2009 - Minor Variations, better than a clip round the ear ?

Monday 1st June 2009 - Camden rock and pop ban potential breach of human rights

Thursday 14th May 2009 - Culture Committee backs small gigs exemption

Wednesday 13th May 2009 - Imprisoned for playing rock

Friday 8th May 2009 - Licensing Act inquiry report due 14th May

Friday 24th April 2009 - Lords to debate Minor Variations

Thursday 23rd April 2009 - Minor variations 'useless' and of little benefit say experts

Wednesday 15th April 2009 - Derelict shops to become rehearsal venues

Wednesday 8th April 2009 - Musicians Union committed to small gigs exemption

Tuesday 7th April 2009 - Form 696 - Minor Variations

Wednesday 1st April 2009 - Form 696 - Sharkey to meet Met

Wednesday 18th March 2009 - School show scrapped after licence prosecution threat

Friday 6th March 2009 - T-Mobile dances around Licensing Act

Tuesday 3rd February 2009 - Scrap Form 696 petition rises to number 6

Friday 23rd January 2009 - Police - gigs linked to shootings. Sharkey - police abusing licensing

Wednesday 21st January 2009 - False alarm noise limiter petition No.1 with 70000 signatures

Wednesday 14th January2009 - Noise limiter petition taps public distrust of government

Monday 15th December 2008 - Scrap 696 petition in top 20 on Number 10 website

Friday 12th December 2008 - Culture Secretary and the elephant in the room

Tuesday 9th December 2008 - Police cut ethnic question from Form 696

Monday 8th December 2008 - Scrap 696 petition in top 40

Wednesday 3rd December 2008 - Call for folk musicians to meet Culture Secretary Andy Burnham

Tuesday 2nd December 2008 - No10 Petition to scrap Form 696

Monday 25th November 2008 - Culture Committee considers lap dancing

Friday 23rd November 2008 - Sharkey goes to court over Form 696

Monday 17th November 2008 - Form 696 - Does it apply to my gig

Saturday 15th November 2008 - Police, music, violence and Form 696

Friday 14th November 2008 - Westminster council suggests exemption for unamplified gigs

Wednesday 12th November 2008 - Police use entertainment licensing to tackle terrorism

Monday 11th November 2008 - MU & Equity to give evidence at licensing inquiry tomorrow

Wednesday 29th Ocrober 2008 - A tale of DCMS efficiency

Monday 27th Ocrober 2008 - Zippo's circus to give evidence at licensing inquiry

Friday 24th Ocrober 2008 - LGA culture spokesman - live music 'a public order problem'

Monday 20th Ocrober 2008 - Is ceilidh like morris dancing?

Tuesday 14th Ocrober 2008 - No delay in small gigs exemption says minister

Thursday 9th Ocrober 2008 - Oral evidence session - Culture Committee Licensing inquiry -14th Oct

Wednesday 1st Ocrober 2008 - Concerns over DCMS live music research raised in Parliament

Friday 26th September 2008 - MU and Equity lobby for small gigs exemptions

Tuesday 23rd September 2008 - Licensing Act creates silent circus comedy

Monday 22nd September 2008 - Small gigs exemption - Sharkey in private DCMS talks

Friday 28th August 2008 - Notting Hill Carnival dancers not entertainment

Monday 4th August 2008 - Small gigs exemptions - extent of DCMS discussions

Thursday 24th July 2008 - Small gigs exemptions 'by spring 2009'

Friday 18th July 2008 - New inquiry into effect of Licensing Act on live music

Wednesday 16th July 2008 - Consultation on small gigs exemption delayed?

Saturday 21st June 2008 - Busking in Haltemprice and Howden

Monday 16th June 2008 - Nigel Kennedy to busk against 42 days detention without trial?

Friday 6th June 2008 - Noise controls irrespective of entertainment licensing

Wednesday 4th June 2008 - Licensing - big screen broadcasts to remain exempt

Friday 16th May 2008 - Manchester big screen football violence raises licensing questions

Monday 12th May 2008 - Lord Clement-Jones' licensing questions answered

Friday 9th May 2008 - Parliamentary Jazz Awards - unlicensed

Wednesday 7th May 2008 - Licensing - more Lords questions

Saturday 3rd May 2008 - Nigel Kennedy performance tests licensing experts

Wednesday 9th April 2008 - Confusion On Busking Laws Persists

Friday 25th January 2008 - Minister's low key Q&A

Wednesday 23rd January 2008 - Minister in public Q&A session on licensing/live music tomorrow at Olympia

Thursday 10th January 2008 - Blood Sweat and Tears (Part One)

Thursday 10th January 2008 - Small gigs exemption - no date yet for consultation

Tuesday 8th January 2008 - Licensing - Parliamentary questions resume

Tuesday 18th December 2007 - Now the good news...

Monday 17th December 2007 - Decrease in live music says latest DCMS live music research

Wedenesday 12th December 2007 - Final live music research due 17 December

Tuesday 4th December 2007 - Minister promises public consultation on small gigs exemption

28th November 2007 - Select Committee to discuss live music and licensing

16th October 2007 - Government admits Licensing Act disappointing for live music

12th October 2007 - Live music 'renaissance'

Tuesday 25th September 2007 - Licensing Act: Brown admits problems and hints at changes

Thursday 18th September 2007 - LMF replaced by live music 'experts'

Thursday 26th July 2007 - Months before government responds to MU/LMF small gigs exemption

Wednesday 25th July 2007 - Licensing Guidance debate 15 Oct - LMF defunct?

Tuesday 17th July 2007 - Lib Dems force debate on Licensing Guidance

Thursday 4th July 2007 - LMF recommendations - new licensing minister responds

Thursday 4th July 2007 -Sharkey to announce Act's negative impact on small gigs

Tuesday 19th June 2007 - Lords and watchdog criticise DCMS/MORI live music stats

Monday 18th June 2007 - 'Our masters are deaf to our wishes'

Friday 15th June 2007 - Police to oppose small gigs exemption

Wednesday 13th June 2007 - Lib Dems call on government to repeal live music law

Tuesday 12th June 2007 - Local authorities oppose key Live Music Forum recommendations

Tuesday 29th May 2007 - Licensing Act - Better a prostitute than a singer?

Thursday 24th May 2007 - More BBC coverage - More Parliamentary Questions

Friday 11th May 2007 - Licensing Act - 18 months on

Tuesday 1st May 2007 - Licensing petition at number 1

Thursday 26th April 2007 - Live music and noise complaints

Friday 20th April 2007 - Licensing song storms HMV folk download chart

Thursday 12th April 2007 - Licensing petition at no.2

Monday 2nd April 2007 - Petition passes 63,000 - Parliament exempt from safety law

Friday 23rd March 2007 - Folk festival cancelled due to 'over zealous' licensing enforcement

Thursday 15th March 2007 - Licensing Act 'a disappointment' - MU General Secretary

Wednesday 14th March 2007 - 51,600+ puts licensing/live music petition at no.3

Thursday 8th March 2007 - Live music Early Day Motion

Thursday 8th March 2007 - Are musicians' views relevant?

Tuesday 6th March 2007 - Petition: more than 40,000 signatures - Commons exchange

Tuesday 27th February 2007 - Unlicensed busking - a postcode criminal offence?

Thursday 22nd February 2007 - Licensing petition at no.6

Wednesday 14th February 2007 - The Stage reports success of live music petition

Tuesday 13th February 2007 - Live music/licensing petition in top 10

Wednesday 7th February 2007 - Libby Purves backs online licensing petition

Friday 2nd February 2007 - LMF in denial - venue challenges Sharkey

Wedenesday 1st February 2007 - Licensing petition: more than 6600 signatures

Thursday 25th January - Unmarked draft changes in Licensing Guidance

Friday 19th January - BBC - licensing - live music

Wednesday 17th January - Draft revised 'incidental music' guidance published

Tuesday 16th January - Singing to help children navigate 'a tough century'

Thursday 11th January - Licensing petition in top 20

Wednesday 20th December 2006 - Juggling Ice Cream

Friday 15th December 2006 - What law do you want scrapped? Tell BBC R4 Today

Wedenesday 13th December 2006 - Live music e-petition

Tuesday 12th December 2006 - Reasons for not having live music

Tuesday 12th December 2006 - DCMS to clarify 'incidental music' exemption

Monday 11th December 2006 - Daily Telegraph: Why should we need a licence to sing?

Saturday 9th December 2006 - Christmas carols - 'Strong case for review' of Licensing Act: Jack Straw

Friday 8th December 2006 - DCMS small venue claims

Thursday 7th December 2006 - Latest MORI survey 'encouraging' for small venues claims Government Forum

Wednesday 6th December 2006 - Feargal Sharkey 'sings praises' of local authorities

Wednesday 6th December 2006 - Feargal Sharkey 'slates' Licensing Act

Friday 1st December 2006 - The Year The Music Died RIP

Wednesday 29th November 2006 - Silent Night good - Jingle Bells bad

Friday 24th November 2006 - London Councils lobby for live music premium in annual licence fee

Wednesday 1st November 2006 - Why the MU position on licensing is wrong

Wednesday 1st November 2006 - MP questions delay over latest MORI live music research

Thursday 26th October 2006 - MU follow-up licensing survey flawed

Wednesday 25th October 2006 - DCMS postpones publication of latest MORI live music research

Thursday 14th September 2006 - MU rejects members call to oppose Licensing Act

Wednesday 13th September 2006 - Musicians Union: wrong about the Old Blue Last

Tuesday 12th September 2006 - Musicians Union skims over bad news in London

Thursday 10th August 2006 - DCMS: are our regulations 'aggravating'?

Thursday 10th August 2006 -DCMS live music press release rider restored

Wednesday 9th August 2006 - The strange case of the riderless press release

Tuesday 1st August 2006 - Licensing red tape 'in danger of throttling sport'

Friday 28th July 2006 - Trowbridge bans majorettes - Notting Hill Carnival street dancers exempt

Monday 24th July 2006 - 'A beneficial impact' - latest DCMS licensing spin

Wednesday 19th July 2006 - Swindon - a place to eat my hat?

Tuesday 18th July 2006 - Whitby's 'jackboot of bureaucracy'

Tuesday 11th July 2006 - Licensing: Henley Regatta ball cancelled

Thursday 6th July 2006 - Sir Richard Steele pub - Abbey Road Studios

Tuesday 4th July 2006 - Inadequate Licensing Act due to 'arrogant and incompetent ministers'

Monday 3rd July 2006 - Commons: possible licensing questions today

Friday 30th June 2006 - Busking - noise

Thursday 29th June 2006 - Lords licensing questions: government replies

Friday 23rd June 2006 - DCMS Busking Advice

Friday 23rd June 2006 - 'Live venues are the heart of our communities' says new licensing minister

Thursday 22nd June 2006 - Busking vs Trooping the Colour

Saturday 17th June 2006 - Lords discuss big screen football and live music

Friday 16th June 2006 - Licensing: 'marked drop in live music in smaller venues' claim Musicians' Union

Tuesday 13th June 2006 - More Lords Questions about licensing and live music

Tuesday 13th June 2006 - BBC: 'World Cup big screenings scrapped'

Monday 12th June 2006 - Guardian reports big screen football riots

Wednesday 7th June 2006 - Licensing: 'a level playing field for all musicians' claim DCMS

Tuesday 6th June 2006 - MPs licensing questions - 'ministerial drivel'

Friday 2nd June 2006 - Simplify licensing law - government wants your view

Wednesday 31st May 2006 - 'Police in blitz on World Cup drinking'

Monday 15th May 2006 - Lord Colwyn speaks out against new licensing laws

Saturday 13th May 2006 - More on TOTP - Camden - a more liberal view?

Friday 12th May 2006 - TOTP - private v public - council discretion

Friday 12th May 2006 - Licensing: gigs lost - MU Gen Sec responds

Thursday 11th May 2006 - TOTP in more trouble - Roger Daltrey at Arsenal

Tuesday 9th May 2006 - Sheffield: Chinese dance statement

Tuesday 9th May 2006 - Licensing confusion: more gigs cancelled - and Jowell praises Purnell

Monday 8th May 2006 - Shaun Woodward is new licensing minister

Monday 8th May 2006 - Purnell escapes licensing

Thursday 4th May 2006 - Sultan's elephant eludes licensing

Monday 1st May 2006 - We've Never Had It So Good ! - Radio 1 Live Music Debate

Wednesday 26th April 2006 - Radio 1 live music debate - another planet

Tuesday 25th April 2006 - Queen's birthday celebrations - incidental or illegal?

Saturday 22nd April 2006 - Licensing Act - live music: Jowell rules out changes?

Thursday 20th April 2006 - BBC R4 Today covers Top of the Pops caught by Licensing Act

Wednesday 19th April 2006 - Top of the Pops caught by Licensing Act

Tuesday 18th April 2006 - Feargal Sharkey wants your views on live music

Thursday 13th April 2006 - Incidental music: new report criticises DCMS and government

Thursday 6th April 2006 - Incidental exemption - contrasts

Monday 3rd April 2006 - Incidental exemption - hospitals

Saturday 18th March 2006 - Tessa's 'illegal' singing - BBC Today transcript

Friday 17th March 2006 - Tessa's 'illegal' singing

Monday 6th March 2006 - Licensing: Blair compared to Taliban

Monday 6th March 2006 - Pimlico Wine Vaults

Thursday 2nd March 2006 - Two more gigs lost

Wednesday 1st March 2006 - Abbey Road - Westminster not to prosecute

Tuesday 28th February 2006 -Abbey Road Coldplay gig - licensing implications

Monday 27th February 2006 - DCMS publish gig estimates - a new error - DJs

Friday 24th February 2006 - It's not just rehearsal space you know

Friday 24th February 2006 -Landlady's response to Feargal

Tuesday 21st February 2006 - Feargal's credibility - another gig loss - consolation prize

Monday 20th February 2006 - Licensing - live music: Feargal Sharkey unable to find problems

Thursday 16th February 2006 - Live music survey: integrity or reliability?

Thursday 2nd February 2006 - Glass Half Full ?

Tuesday 1st Ferruary 2006 - 'Power of music' inspires culture minister

Monday 30th January 2006 - Licensing: Guardian comment

Monday 30th January 2006 - Telegraph reports gig loss - MU comment

Friday 27th January 2006 - Feargal Sharkey - rehearsal space - licensing

Thursday 19th January 2006 - Times online: more evidence of gigs and income lost

Wednesday 18th January 2006 - Times online debates: live music

Tuesday 17th January 2006 - Times online debates: live music could overtake religion

Monday 16th January 2996 - The Times: Have your say about the new licensing regime and live music

Monday 16th January 2996 - Licensing: More gig losses

Saturday 14th January 2996 - BBC R4 Front Row: Jamie Cullum speaks out again

Friday 13th January 2996 - Jamie Cullum to test licensing act

Friday 30th December 2005 - Musicians Union 'fairly confident the regulations have not had an adverse effect'

Friday 30th December 2005 - BBC Radio 4 30th December, Pub Carols and Licensing

Thursday 29th December 2005 - Sheffield Pub Carols Exempt ? Civil Liberties Implications

Thursday 15th December 2005 - Licensing:More Gigs Under Threat and Some Good News

Thursday 1st December 2005 - Transcript Of Culture Show 24th November

Monday 28th November 2005 - Government responds to 1.7 million gig question

Friday 25th November 2005 - The Morning After

Friday 18th November 2005 - Another Gig Bites The Dust

Wednesday 16th November 2005 - Lords Question re Government Gigs Claim

Friday 11th November 2005 - Goverment Found Guilty of Misleading Claims on Live Music

Wednesday 2nd November 2005- Final Deadline Approaches

Saturday 27th August 2005 - Minister, Camden Council and Lawyers on Private Events

Saturday 30th July 2005 - Boom time for live music says The Guardian's Pop Critic

Friday 29th July 2005 - Purnell at Musicians Union Conference

Thursday 28th July 2005 - Performer Lawyer Group Press Statement

Monday 25th July 2005 - Minister To Speak At Musicians Union Conference

Saturday 23rd July 2005 - Private performances will be licensable

Wednesday 20th July 2005 - More mis-information From Minister on BBC Radio 2

Friday 8th July 2005 - 'None in a bar' from 24th November 2005

Saturday 2nd July 2005 - Licensing: James Purnell continues misleading claims

Friday 1st June 2005 - Licensing Minister Misleads Public

Thursday 30th June 2005 - BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme

Wednesday 29th June 2005 - BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme

Saturday 25th June 2005 - Court Victory For Pub Trade

Tuesday 21st June 2005 - Licensing Act Already Under Scrutiny In The Courts

Friday 10th June 2005 - Two in a bar rule

Wednesday, June 01, 2005 - DJs an 'embedded right'?

Friday, May 27, 2005 - James Purnell, new music minister

Tuesday, March 22, 2005 - Live music & licensing - Expect more spin

Sunday, November 07, 2004 - Live music survey: Government got it wrong

Thanks to Hamish Birchall