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Mildenhall Stadium fights Single Noise Complaint
by Phil Little - 29th April 2014

Although The Live Music Act 2012 has made it easier to put on live music, even established live music venues are in constant danger of being closed down due to what we call the Single Complaint, where a resident moves near to an established live music pub, club or bar and makes a noise complaint. Councils tend to favour the position of residents and will often act to remove or limit the venue's live music provision as a result of the complaint. Sometimes a resident will start a petition and stir up resentment against the venue.

Now Mildenhall (Motor Racing) Stadium in Suffolk has suffered a similar problem and management, RDC Promotions, is taking action to defend their interests and the interests of other entertainment venues through High Court action and an Epetition (see address below). Please sign the petition and pass on the word. Here follows RDC's statement.

RDC Promotions Statement

Mildenhall Stadium in Suffolk is under threat of being forced into closure by a verdict by the Supreme Court against the stadium in favour of two residents.

This decision not only threatens the future of Mildenhall Stadium, which stages around 40 motor racing events a year (short oval motor racing and speedway) and as many as two greyhound meetings a week, but also threatens the future of all motor racing venues as well as all sporting, leisure and arts venues.

The potential ramifications of this decision were highlighted by Matt Prior of Autocar Magazine who wrote: "The short of it is that you can move somewhere, uncaring about what might be nearby, because you can set about having it shut down when you get there."

RDC Promotions are now fighting this decision and are taking their fight to the Houses of Parliament and are calling on the support of anyone and everyone whose hobbies, interests, pass times and passions could be placed under threat by this outrageous decision.

We not only want Parliament to intervene in this case and ensure the future of the stadium and all its activities but also to change the law of this country to ensure this does not happen to any other established sporting, leisure or arts venue with planning permission and support from its users.

Mildenhall Stadium was first built in 1974 and has run speedway racing events since with stockcar and banger racing first staged in the late 1980s. RDC Promotions have continuously promoted stockcar and banger racing at the venue since 1993.

Raymond Shields and Katherine Lawrence moved into the property closest to the stadium (it is 0.3miles past the stadium and can only be accessed by driving past the stadium) in 2006 and a few months later began their complains claiming they were unaware of the stadiums existence, let alone its activities.

Despite evidence from the previous owner of the property and the estate agents involved in the sale that the couple were aware of the stadium and its activities, the fact that the stadium is used and enjoyed by hundreds and thousands every year, has full planning permission to do all of its activities and has massive support from local residents, highlighted by a complete lack of any other complaints since 1974 their case went to the High Court where they were victorious in 2011. This decision was overturned by the Court of Appeal in 2012 but was again overturned back in the favour of Mr Sheilds and Mrs Lawrence by the Supreme Court in 2014 and once again the stadium is in jeopardy and in turn we believe so could all sporting, leisure and arts venues which make a noise.

We need universal support to fight our campaign so please, if you support our call for Parliament to change the law in this country prohibiting people from moving to an area and complaining about a noise which already exists and is part of the area then please sign our on line e petition. It can be found on the internet at,


or visit our website for more information.


Thank you.