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According to Ofcom, there over 200 Community radio station in the UK. Almost alll feature music by local bands and one or two exclusively. Yet none of the copyright fees collected from the stations is distributed back to the local artists. It is shared out among the more successful charting artists who are easier to identify. And it has been this way for years.

Our Copyright Campaign calls for a greater effort to move towards a wider and fairer distribution of copyright. Now, especially following massive technical innovations.

Unfortunately we have received no reply to our Letter to PRS for Music. But our Copyright Campaign goes on and you can register your support by commenting on our Facebook posts or emailing the address below.

In October we wrote to Baroness Bowles who chaired the Westminster Media Forum on Copyright which we attended in JUly 2019. You can read the letter here,

Letter To Baroness Bowles

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European Copyright Directive

The European Copyright Directive is one of the hottest topics in the music industry still and on 5th July we attended a Westminster Media Forum on Copyright, organised to bring together leaders in the industry, politicians and civili servants.

During the seminar I asked three questions of interest to gigging musicians and their supporters. For the full story follow this link,

Westminster Media Forum on Copyright


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September 2019

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