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And now for something completely different.
Almost 31 years ago a group of five people were elected by Hastings musicians and gig goers to found a campaign to ease licensing restrictions on live music and publish a Free Gig Guide covering the Hastings Area. They were:-

John Ballard
Jez Gillett
Jacqueline Wearn
Martin Richter
Phil Little

For five years they volunteered time and energy to publish Music Files based on an idea from Jez Gillett and discussions in the back of Joe Rytlewski's van after Pullbacks gigs.

For the first time all of the sixty editions will be published online through The LIve Music Forum which continued to campaign for twenty years, resulting in The Live Music Act 2012 which still makes it easier to put on live music than for the previous hundred years.

The front page of all several editions presented a cartoon by local singer John Ballard who was, at that time, a member of The Bolivian Brothers. Many of the cartoons featured local musicians and personalities.

Enjoy, as they like to say these days.

Download PDF of Music Files 1 October 1993

Phil Little

March 2024



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